Hi, I’m Erika!

I am a new mommy to a lovely baby girl. Besides marvelling at how fast my daughter is growing and remembering to empty the diaper pail, I like to peruse online for some creative, fun, and stylish inspirations.

A self-proclaimed hobbyist, I love all aspects of creating and being creative, so naturally, I dabble into anything that brings upon a wide-eyed amazement accompanied by a hushed, “I gotta try that.” Be it getting glammed up for a night out or attempting to make nachos, I enjoy both the process and the product. Need help planning an imaginary rustic-beach wedding? I’m your girl! Do you love browsing for tiles to see which ones will work well together as much as I do?! High fricken’ five!

As a lover of interior design with a penchant for DIYs, a food enthusiast, a curious explorer, and a lettering admirer, this has become an outlet to share these and other varied interests. What’s a better way to share my inspirations, challenges, and successes than sharing it with you lovely people?

I’m your all-round rambler, so come along as I muse about anything and everything.

xo, E