My dear little girl was baptized over Thanksgiving long weekend and my heart is so full. Little P was surrounded with our closest friends and family, and was showered with so much love. This weekend was more than anything I could have hoped for to celebrate P’s new milestone. The day was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to take photos of P or the party. Luckily our friends took plenty enough for me to choose from. And on that note, Adrian really needs to practice his hands with the camera.

I knew this celebration called for a party, so when Adrian and I got the confirmation date for her baptism I started planning. I’ve always daydreamed of becoming an event planner and took this opportunity to try my hands at it. Oh my gosh, I did not know what I got myself into. I salute those who actually do this for a living. I have so much more appreciation for what they do.

I wanted to do everything and hand make what I could because who doesn’t want the extra stress, right? Also, we had a strict budget. I went to countless of thrift stores in search of pretty plates, and let me tell you, I didn’t find the right amount until the night before the party. I disinfected and sanitized the plates thrice to make sure it was in tip top serving shape.

I wanted to take advantage of the last couple days of summery weather Mother Nature was kind enough to provide. We had an outdoor brunch at our friend’s condo’s party room/patio. The weather was mild and sunny. My dad was extremely generous for making the turkey because my kitchen skills only go as far as making a really good avocado toast and everything else is so-so. Also on the menu were roasted carrots and sweet potatoes, salad, quiches, charcuterie boards, grilled peach caprese salad, a plateful of bacon, and bottles of wine. We set up a table that shared the mimosa bar and desserts. This is the first time I’ve ever cooked a meal for a large group, and though it was a tad stressful, I’m glad the effort was appreciated. Everything was gone. Whew!

I wish my little nugget could remember how amazing this day was, how those closest to us celebrated her, and how grateful we are for her. One day when she reads the journal I keep for her, I hope it’ll do this day justice while she reads all about it and look through the very few pictures we have.

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