Growing up, one of my favourite things to do in the summer time was going to little towns that required long drives with my family. In these little towns, we’d visit their flea market, antique shops, and famous local eateries. It was a day long family affair and going back home was not looked forward to. This summer must do is one of the few that stuck with me all these years.

A and I have stayed true to this tradition for the most part of our relationship. I am even more excited to share this with baby P. Our weekends have been super busy and always booked so when we wake up on random weekends and realize we’ve nothing planned, we jump up out of bed and get in the car. We visited 4 in total in one month, which isn’t bad at all.

From aged glasswares, bottles and jars to colour themed chinas. Bonus, an abundance of tea sets to my heart’s desire. I was crying inside.

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We also chance upon a store that sells old furnitures for such reasonable prices. Think solid wood, strong, sturdy, and fine craftsmanship – yes, those type of furnitures.

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We even found items that would be perfect for little P!

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Items that existed way before my existence. I’m always left speechless and my mind blown away when I come across these. Amazement was evident on my ear-to-ear grin and starry eyed gazes.


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Many flea markets I’ve been to within the radius of the city, sell overly used items. Items that need to be thrown away, but the owner wants to capitalize in the current “vintage trend” so they rent a spot to try and sell their, what essentially is, garbage. That is why I prefer going to little towns far, far away from the city. Their flea markets and antique stores are like treasure troves. Almost everything is in great condition and they’re well priced. I don’t know if the items sold in these markets are sorted through and inspected, but they are well curated. And what I love most about going to antique malls is the little glimpse of the bygone years it provides, temporarily travelling back in time.

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